New Year New Beginning


What a start to 2017 I have had and what and ending to 2016 I had.  While I have had many New Years Eve’s that I don’t remember this experience was like no other.  I started 2017 on a ventilator and I ended 2016 on a ventilator.   Beyond that I can tell you that most of the months of Dec and January have been spent in both a hospital and in a short term sub acute nursing rehab where I had to learn how to swallow, do simple exercise and walk longer than 10 feet, and how to do a few other things over again.

In mid Dec. I ended up in the hospital when my mother found me not doing so good. I was blue in my hands, feet, lips and I was ice cold both to touch and in my core.  At the hospital my family was told that my kidneys had begun to shut down.  I was sick with an infectious disease (I was actually dealing with sepsis and I also had what was a normal skin infection that somehow entered my bloodstream (which caused major problems) I had pneumonia in my left lower lobe of my lungs.  I spent 7 days in the hospital and 14 in a rehab.  I was home less than 48 hours and my mom found me on the floor twice and the 2nd time I was unconscious.  I was placed on a ventilator on Dec 31.  I spent 8 days in the hospital (3 on the vent) and then another 14 days in the rehab.

I Praise God that I am still here on earth!!!  Coming close to deaths door twice in less than 30 days is an incredible journey and I must tell you that for me knowing that God’s not done with me yet is so worth every bit of the things that I experienced.  I am so much stronger today in my walk with Father!!!

God, has me that is all I can tell you!  He loves me and He loves each of you my readers.  His love goes so deeper than anything I can speak to.  I am learning each day that He is my all in all!!!  I love Him!!!  His love never fails…

Dear friends, He loves each of us the same way and He goes to the deepness of our pain and heals it if we will let Him.  He took me from the pit of hell and placed me on solid rock and has shown me.

While in the rehab (both of them) God began to work on my heart about the fact that there are a great deal of lonely people out here in this world.  So, I am challenging each of you (and myself as well).  Do you pass someone and think they seem down but you keep moving afraid to share with them the love you have for God?  I am very guilty of this one and I don’t know why.  Someone shared with me Jesus so why am I not doing the same?  So lets begin somewhere, sometime.  How about tomorrow when you are in the grocery store or at school or in the DMV or doctors office or bank (wherever you are).  Just begin by saying Hi to someone or better yet how about offer to pray for them.  I am up for the challenge.  How about you?



I heard this song and I must tell you that it spoke deeply inside me!!  I am His!!  He is my Abba, my Daddy, my everything.  He rescued me from the death that was headed my way both times.  Continue to listen to the next song and experience His grace in your life!  Dear one please do not let this time slip away from you!  He loves you and wants to be your Abba.  Let Him and you won’t ever forget it!


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